Glory Hole Home Movie

We love making our own sexy home movies. And I always thought that the idea of a Glory Hole was sexy. I love the idea of a stranger on the other side of a wall, presenting his cock. Me on my knees, taking it eagerly into my mouth. 

We wanted to work the idea of a Glory Hole into one of our home movies, but how? We couldn't film through the wall. And if he was on one side filming, he couldn't be standing on the other side of the wall. So, they figured it out with the help of two tripods. 

One camera was set low, pointed up. The other set at head-height, getting a profile. Pretty clever, we thought. It made for a sexy DIY film.

Posing at a Private School

When she was in college, she had several jobs. She was a nanny once, a barista. She had a work-study job in the library. She tutored French. Her favorite job--and by far the easiest--was the one job she never told her boyfriend about. 

In the same small town as the Liberal Arts college, was a private preparatory high school. Because it was a prep school for the children of the rich, it had college-level courses, from Chemistry to Literature. Even the art program had Life Drawing. 

For a couple hours a week, she'd go to the prep school and pose for the Life Drawing class. It was simple, and stress-free. She even kind of liked knowing that the horny 18-year-old senior boys were checking her out. Let them look, she thought. She was proud of her body, comfortable in her own skin. Exactly how she hadn't felt in high school. Now the tables were turned. 

B-cup's are beautiful

It's nice to know that one of the most popular porn stars of all time didn't have to "enhance" her beautiful b-cup breasts. They are perfectly lovely. And, in my opinion, the perfect size for her body.

(which, BTW, is 32b-26-31)

Playing a Penthouse Pet

Have you ever fantasied about being a Penthouse photographer or model? 

I know I have!

And if I can't shoot or pose for the actual magazine, it's a fun game to play at home.